Why TraLaMa Exists

We started TraLaMa because we believe in the important role skilled tradespeople play in our nation’s economy. From masons to roofers. From framers to painters. From tile installers to electricians. Without these tradespeople, the construction industry (and all of our homes) would crumble.

Until TraLaMa, there was no easy way for tradespeople to connect with potential employers, and no way for companies in the construction trades to connect with skilled tradespeople.

For years, the biggest challenge facing skilled tradespeople was gaps of no income between short-term jobs. And without a doubt, the biggest challenge for most employers in the construction trade has been finding reliable skilled labor.

But with TraLaMa, tradespeople can just go online and find work – from a one-day job to full-time employment. And employers no longer need to miss deadlines or turn away work due to their inability to find skilled workers.

TraLaMa is always FREE for skilled tradespeople.

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